Do you know what a miracle looks like?

“My mama always told me that miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.”~Forrest Gump

I always had this image in my head of a miracle being this “huge event,” that could change the world. It was something that was rare and talked about in the past tense. They are not though, at least in my opinion. Miracles are these tiny little occurrences that change the way people see the world. Sometimes they come in the form of a child. What is a child made up of anyway? Pure love, right? They give us perspective and allow us to see things differently. More importantly they allow us to feel love, compassion, and empathy. All you have to do is pause long enough and watch miracles occur.

Today we visited The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh… Great day, and a great visit as always. We’re playing in the “Garage room”, building a wheel and my son Jimmy does something amazing. Behind Jimmy in the picture is a gentleman that works there in a wheel chair. My curious Jimmy walks up to him and says, “why are you in a wheel chair,” as innocently as you can imagine. The gentleman answers him so kindly and patiently with, “You know how you have strong legs buddy?” Jimmy nods his head up and down in agreement. The gentleman continues with a smile, “well my legs are weak and this wheel chair helps me get around to all sorts of places.” They continue their conversation for a bit and then Jimmy looks up at me, I nod my head with a smile to acknowledge his kindness, and he turns around and says, “well I hope you feel better.”

The gentleman goes back to doing his job with a grateful look on is face. Jimmy wasn’t finished with him though. He turns to the man and says wait, grabs the man’s shoulder with his little hands and pulls him in tight for a big hug. Pats his little hand on the man’s back as if to say, “don’t worry you’ll be okay.” The man didn’t expect it at all. I wish you could have seen it, the look on the man’s face, he looked like someone just gave him an endless amount of pure happiness. It floored me. You have to understand, I’ve seen Jimmy do this to so many people, it amazes me more each time I see it. I could see all emotions welling up inside that man. Jimmy is truly authentic in his concern for each person he talks to. Jimmy hugged this man and you could see how much love that man felt in that moment. The man looked over at me and gestured a tear running down his face. We all talk about doing good deeds and making the world beautiful, that simple act from a child changed that man’s entire day. That’s what miracles are made of, one thought, one feeling you give to a person can change an entire course.

The man yelled over to me to get my attention over all the noise, “miss, miss” shaking his head in utter shock smiling, “that made my entire day, you have no idea.” He placed his hands over his heart, as if to hold onto it and remember it always. I smiled at him and said, “you are very special and my Jimmy always seems to find the Angels in the room.”

Every person has their superpowers, things they are good at. One thing we all have in common is the ability to love. Our capabilities are endless when it comes to love, how often do we show it though? Jimmy showed me today how simple love can be shown and how much of an impact it can make on one person. Imagine if we all found a way to show love like that, what a beautiful impact it would make on the world.

I don’t believe in coincidences in this world. Every encounter with someone, especially a stranger has a purpose. My hope is that this one gesture of kindness and love helps that man in someone way, even if it’s just to have him smile at the thought.

(Two hours after this was published someone recognized the man in the wheelchair on Facebook and told his wife. The kind man sent this to Jimmy soon after…)


Hello! My name is John. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing young man you are. I was the lucky man in the wheelchair at the Children’s Museum who had the pleasure of meeting you and receiving that HUGE hug from you today.

I have a disease called Multiple Sclerosis which makes my legs really weak. Well, you made me feel like a superhero today with your kindness. So from now on, whenever I feel a little down about being sick, I’m going to think of you because I know it will make me smile and make everything better!

I hope you continue to feel better. I hope one day I can be as strong as you are! Next time I see someone who looks like they could use a hug, I’m going to give them a HUGE hug and hopefully they will feel as happy and special as you made me feel today!

Next time you’re in the museum, please stop by and see me!! Maybe we can build and race some wheels in the garage

Thank you again! I wish there were more people in the world as loving and caring as you! I’m praying for you buddy. Stay strong!

Your friend,


Yes, miracles are real and we’re all among beautiful angels aren’t we?

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