A Thought

There are these sayings that can turn something on in you, make you believe in yourself, a form of inspiration or motivation.  I believe words are that powerful! A form of talking to yourself in a positive way, that has so many benefits because a lot of the time we are our own biggest critics.  What I describe to you are heuristics which are a branch of logic concerned with discovery or invention.  It can come in the form of phrases…such as “you were born to do this.”  Saying that to yourself right before your about to take a leap into the unknown can give you courage that you didn’t know you had…here are some more that I say to myself that may come into your mind just when you need them the most…

When you face adversity…

“Have courage and be kind.” -Ella (Cinderella)

“Chose kind words, every time.”

“No, does not mean impossible.”

“You know what to do, trust yourself.”

“Remember who you are and what you are capable of.”


When you need empowered…

“You were born to do this, push!”

“Be yourself, the raw you and own it.”

“Be the light in the dark.”

“Follow your gut, your inner voice, it will always steer you in the right direction.”

“Know what your capable of, your opinion is only one that matters.”


When you need courage…

“Act as an inspiration, let it be seen in your actions.”

“I got this.”

“Be the person your looking for.”

“Hope can be found in a story, find one.”

“Remember a time when you succeeded, how it felt, let that feeling rain over you. Now open your eyes and move forward carrying that feeling with you!”


When you need self-esteem…

“Know who you are, inside and out.”

“Give more sincere compliments than you receive and mean them.”

“I believe in you.”

“You are beautiful just being you.”

“You are enough, just as you are.”

“Were all works in progress, forever changing, forever growing.”

“No one is you, and that is your power.” ~Unknown


When you need advice…

“We are a sum of our reactions, react kindly and with love.”

“Unless its a fact, you can always change it if you please.”

“Choice is our greatest power, chose wisely.”

“Be love, chose love and give it as much as possible.”

“If you need an answer, close your eyes and listen to your breathe, it will come.”

“When the skies are clear, no one can stop you from taking off.”


When you need peace…

“Forgive all your flaws and love who you are.”

“Forgive yourself, then go fly.”

“Think of all who make you smile.”

“Close your eyes and feel the sun warm your face.”

“Peace is always within, if your looking for it, thats where you’ll find it.”

“I forgive you.”


I hope with all my heart one of these resonates with you and helps you on your journey.