Welcome to “You Were Born to Do This.”

It’s a place you can come to be inspired and hopefully find healing to whatever challenge you face.   I live with inspiration everyday, a gentle reminder to how fragile and short life is, I want to share that with you.  To be honest living with my son having a brain tumor has changed my life drastically.  I live life differently than most because of what I’ve experienced and what I live daily.  “No” isn’t said too often…which makes it interesting when it comes to parenting.  Which of course I plan on sharing those stories with you. Hopefully my patience or my challenges will help you in some way.  You may find a burst of inspiration in a story, in the words, or in the message. My hope is something will come over you and you’ll be one step closer to finding what you’re looking for.

We’re all looking for something. We get glimpses, here and there. Sometimes those glimpses push us in the direction of purpose. For me it is my writing, my source for healing and I feel at home when I write.  More importantly I feel compelled to share my writings in hopes of inspiring someone so they can find their form of peace.

When we read something and its familiar for some reason, reminding us of who we are or who we could be. Maybe we’ve read a news piece that resonates, causing tiny changes in our daily behaviors, forever turning you into someone else. Those feelings are not a coincidence. They are trying to tell you something. If only you would pay attention.  I’ve seen a lot of tragedy over the last few years and all I could think of was I need to get my blog up because one story, one thing I say may help someone.

Do you have more questions than answers? I’m sure we all do at times. I do, I have so many questions.  The questions that I ask myself now are no longer just questions, they are challenges.  I want to find the answers and I will. I will share that journey with you and maybe you’ll find a better way to face your challenges.

I’m here to tell you that you already have most of your answers! No one can tell you the answers to your questions and no one tangible thing will bring you complete clarity. The questions are there to help you learn and grow and so you see… You begin by looking inside yourself.  My very wise Aunt always told me, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”  This student is ready and I know you are too.

There will always be questions waiting for you to wake up and find the answers. I’m here to wake you up, empower you and inspire you with my journey and all the ups and downs that go with it.  No matter what you go through in your life, the experience itself is not necessarily what matters most, its how you respond to it. Remember, You Were Born to Do This!